Werner Maritz

Werner Maritz has been in the industry for over 10 years, starting off filming 3D for a large Wildlife Production Company. In this time period he filmed all over Africa for companies such as BBC, NatGeo, NatGeo Wild, Animal Planet, History, 3Net and Spike, as well as companies and shows including Fox, Cart Blanch, Parlatones 3D Rock Show and Trevor Noah

After going freelance he soon ended up in Europe, working on award winning films shown in Dutch cinemas such as Holland Nature in the Delta and Amsterdam the Wild City. 

But a combination of passion and the will to be independent made him leave everything behind and start his own production company in South Africa. His vision in keeping production crew to a minimum and stretching time spend out in the field to longer periods, has resulted in spectacular story telling. As we are working with wild animals, time spend in the field is key to capturing the best behaviours. 

In the last years, Werner has been the Producer and Director of Photography for all our productions.

The Red List (2017), Desert Kings (2019), Birth of Speed (2019), Wild Maseke (2020), Mhondoro Spirit of the Lion (2020), The Kingdom (2021). Werner has also film for Altay Films on the production, The Secret Life of Tits (2020). Currently he is in post production for another wildlife documentary scheduled for late 2022. 

Ethical filming is high on his priority and this can be seen in his footage. We are here to tell their stories, love and respect nature.