Cissy Maritz

Cissy Maritz started with a bachelors degree in Biology (specialisation in Ecology). After working for a few years in the corporate world, she joined her husband in his travels as a wildlife cameramen. Not soon after she picked up the camera herself. 

As part of Avalon Media Africa she has been an invaluable asset throughout the productions, both as cinematographer & producer. Working in HD, 4K and 6K, gimbals, sliders and slow-motion. 

With a background in nature conservation and keen eye for those special and touching moments she has filmed for The Red List (2017), Desert Kings (2019), Birth of Speed (2019), Wild Maseke (2020), Mhondoro Spirit of the Lion (2020) & The Kingdom (2021). Wild Maseke (2020) was completely filmed by Cissy.  In 2020, Cissy has filmed for Altay Films on their production. The Secret Life of Tits.